Wowha!  Her Jaw Dropping When She First Saw Me Naked Was Total Satisfaction!

SizeGenetics Device Review

MEDICALLY PROVEN To Work With An Amazing 97% Success Rate!

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Review By William B. NY

I started to lose confidence in my sexual ability a couple months after dating my current girlfriend. No matter what I tried, I just couldn’t bring her to orgasm. Either I couldn’t reach deep enough to hit her prime spots or else I couldn’t last long enough to finish the job.

Be In The Driving Seat And Take Charge Of Your Sex Life

The more we tried new things and positions without any success, the less confident I became in my abilities. I felt like a failure. I began to grow irritable, question her on why she wanted to be with a man who couldn’t satisfy her to outright avoiding sex.

It was actually my girlfriend who found the SizeGenetics website. At first, I didn’t even want to read about it. I didn’t want to admit there may be something wrong with me. It took the kind words of my girlfriend to convince me that there wasn’t anything “wrong”, but if this could help, maybe it would boost my obvious lack of self esteem.

I made excuses not to order and procrastinated until my girlfriend took it upon herself to order SizeGenetics for me. When she first set it in front of me, I was upset. It felt like it was a blow to my already fragile ego. Even my own girl thought my penis was lacking, enough so to order enlargement devices for me for me.

The Sizegenetics Ultimate System

I reacted badly and a fight ensued. The thing was going into the garbage – end of story. Being the smart one, she left me to my misery and went out, giving me some time to be alone.

That was, until my next sexual encounter with my girlfriend. I don’t know if it was the stress of performing or the fear on not measuring up again, but this time I couldn’t even maintain an erection. It was this low point that I decided I couldn’t go on like this anymore. I was ready to try SizeGenetics

I don’t know if it was all in my head, but I actually started to feel better just after one week of using the device. By the end of the second week though, I knew I wasn’t imagining anything (also see the video by Tim below of his results after just 2 weeks). Excited, I kept my improvements to myself – if this was working like it looked like it did – I wanted to surprise my girlfriend with the results.

I started to do the Penis Health exercises that came with the SizeGenetics system and began to see even more dramatic gains.   My erections now felt hard and strong. My confidence began to soar and I wanted to show my girl the “new and improved” me.

Make Her Smile Like Never Before

Her jaw dropping when she first saw me naked was total satisfaction. She couldn’t believe it and asked me what I had done.

I confessed that I hadn’t tossed the thing, but instead, started using it. She admitted that she only thought that it would give me a mental boost in my confidence if I thought the system was working. She hadn’t expected to see the results that were so clearly before her.

If my increased size had surprised her, the sex we enjoyed that night impressed her more. She couldn’t get over how different it felt – that I filled her totally and completely. I felt like a stud.

It was that night too that it was my girlfriend who was begging to stop. Not only could I now take her to new lengths, I had gained an increase in stamina and lasting power.

The differences between before and after are phenomenal. And they’re not just noticeable when erect, but my penis is larger and thicker when flaccid as well.

I’m so impressed with SizeGenetics that I had to write this testimonial and praise your program. I only wish I would have tried it sooner. Bravo SizeGenetics – and thank you!

What Is The Sizegenetics Device?

Watch The Video Below (be sure to be signed into Google for age verification)

I Recommend The Ultimate Edition 

(the ultimate edition includes the award winning penis health dvd that will boost your gains)

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For years medical science has looked for a way to enlarge the male penis. Pills, potions, gimmicks and tricks are everywhere but SizeGenetics is the FIRST MEDICALLY PROVEN device that has CLINICAL EVIDENCE of it’s results! I can thus with CONFIDENCE recommend this penis traction device.

The traction device is being marketed under different brand names, but SizeGenetics is the only system on the market that offer’s you the best of all the known techniques of penis enlargement by giving you both the traction device and the Penis Health exercise system.

While every other other program offers you these methods individually, SizeGenetics guarantees success by offering them both in one simple system.

SizeGenetics Penis Stretching Device will increase the length and girth of your penis right in the privacy of your own home!

The Penis Health DVD Comes With The Ultimate Edition. Highly Recommended

Instead of just giving you one method to enlarge your penis, SizeGenetics has diversified, and combined all of the methods to ensure your success. Why would you ever use just one, when you can choose a program that gives you them both?

SizeGenetics is a ground-breaking system of penis enlargement. The program is based on a combination of 2 different enlargement methods to attack penis enlargement from every angle possible. This system assures you the maximum gains possible in the shortest period of time.

By implementing the SizeGenetics and Penis Health  combination, you will see unparalleled gains in length, with more pleasurable and longer lasting erections!

The Big Question, Does SizeGenetics Work?

Channel 4 UK Journalist Puts It To The Test (age restricted video)

Watch The Video Below (be sure to be signed into Google for age verification)

Would You Rather Hear From Scientists?

(you do want to make sure science says it works don’t you?)

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Watched the video?  Read the clinical study?

The traction device of SizeGenetics efficiently works to enlarge your penis by putting the penis under pressure. Since our anatomical make up is naturally adaptive, the cells divide to compensate for the pressure brought by the traction device. In other words, what this piece of equipment for penis enlargement does is to elicit penile tissues growth by constantly stretching the cell in the penis.

Continuous stretching generates new, hefty penile tissues. In effect then, both the penis’ length and girth increase.

It comes with a 6 month Guarantee , you owe it to yourself to try it risk free.

How Sizegenetics Works

SizeGenetics is formulated of two different programs which consist of an enlargement device, and penis exercises that if used together guarantee a bigger penis.

Powerful Combination Of Exercises Plus Stretching Giving You Permanent Bigger Gains

It is the only site that combines both aspects of penis enlargement which is why, it is one of the most successful permanent penis enlargement programs on the Net.

To be able to adapt under pressure, the human body is cleverly engineered. The device uses this amazing ability. Through applying a constant traction over the length of the penis, this device will trigger the penis’s growth function.

The body which adapts and adjusts to this force begins to nurture bulky, new tissue cells. With this, an enormous increase in both length and girth of your penis starts to happen.

Sizegenetics extension device can be used easily. It has a plastic ring that can be fastened to the base of the penis, while a flexible silicone ring is attached to the penis head.

It is composed of two adjustable bars sitting alongside the penis and can be simply adjusted to vary tension from 1.5 to 3.5 lbs.

It can be worn for as many hours as you want, from 2 to 8 hours a day is suggested. It does not matter on the interval length of wear; it is the total time the device is worn that is important. Most of all, the result are all permanent, and once you reach your desired length, the device never needs to be worn again.

The result of the combination of the methods in SizeGenetics is unparalleled gains in length, width, and longer lasting erections.

The SizeGenetics system differs from other similar products and devices in that it is the only system that not only offer’s the traction device but also gives you a penis exercise training videos to help you speed up your gains and make your results permanent.

SizeGenetics 16 Way Comfort System

Its 16 way comfort system, goes further than any other penis extender.

The SizeGenetics 16 way MDA comfort system is one of the many features that sets this device apart from its competitors. It is important to always bear in mind that the key to successful results is consistent usage over a prolonged period of time.

The device itself, by virtue of its function, is relatively cumbersome and is placed in one of the most sensitive areas of the human body.

Not enough can be said about ensuring user comfort and safety during the application of penile elongation devices.

SizeGenetics, with its 16 way comfort system, goes further than any other market alternative in its bid to ensure successful elongation with the minimum possible user discomfort. Users will always find that this is a massive perk of the product.

The accessories include :

  • A soft silicon noose which adapts to the contour of the corona as is pushes the glans away from the body.
  • A highly pliable comfort strap which can be used instead of the silicon noose to fasten the glans
  • A protection pad which cushions the areas of contact between the noose or strap and the penis head
  • A latex cover to further protect the very sensitive penis head against irritation
  • And a recently developed Protech matt strap to reduce the possibility of your penis slipping out of the device.

The full kit also includes a moisturiser cream which is applied to the penis after removing the device to remedy any eventual drying and irritation to the penis caused by prolonged use, an instructional DVD is supplied which visually explains everything the user needs to know about applying the device.

It is important to remember, no two penises are ever identical. This implies that a device which may be perfectly suitable for one user, may cause discomfort in another. Only a device which makes every possible effort to conform to the exact shape of individual penises can offer the best guarantee for an acceptable user experience over time.

With its sophisticated system of integrated accessories aimed at handling the penis with utmost delicacy, and the multitude of pivoting and rotational junctions, this extender stands out as perhaps the most comfortable and versatile penis extender on the market today.

She Will Devour Your Manhood

What I Love About SizeGenetics

Their 2 step system flat out works! They have a SUPERIOR QUALITY device. With the Penis Health DVD included, you have a powerful 2 step approach that gets results.

That is why it is my #1 choice.

SizeGenetics is the only company that I know of that uses both the DEVICE and EXERCISES for permanent penis enlargement.

There is no other way to getting a permanent bigger penis without surgical procedure or risk of injury.

I also love their comfort system, unique and exclusive to Sizegenetics.  That’s what you get from a reputable company that has refined and developed their product over many years, since 2004.

They listen to their clients!

What I Don’t Like About SizeGenetics

They used to include some male enhancement pills with their orders.  I see they don’t include it anymore.   This is sad.

Herbal male enhancement pills definitely speeds up recovery and your penis size gains during exercises or a traction device program.

But It Remains My #1 Choice For Permanent Penis Enlargement

Because I KNOW that exercises work and the two for one punch you get with EXERCISES and the DEVICE makes this the most effective method known to man.

You can try the Sizegenetics device risk free for six months!  The parent company is a reputable company and have been selling the Sizegenetics device since 2004.

I recommend the Ultimate Package as it is the only one that includes the Penis Health DVD, a classic in the penis enlargement community.  Get more info and the latest pricing and discounts here.

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Is SizeGenetics The ULTIMATE Penis Enlargement System?

YOU BET IT IS! I Give Sizegenetics Double Thumbs Up!Get Pricing And Latest Info Here

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