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My Personal Journey To A Bigger Penis

Review By Adam

Can penis exercises really increase penis size?  This is what I asked myself the first time I came across the concept way back in 2005.

I have been insecure about my penis size ever since I hit puberty. It didn’t hang down when not erect, in fact it kind of just pointed. Just by looking at the other boys I knew that I was smaller, this infuriated me.

Not Being Able To Satisfy in Bed Can Be Devastating

I was not confident within myself and I certainly was not confident in the bedroom. She would ask me questions such as “is it in yet?” and she would tell me to thrust deeper.

Of course I knew she wanted me to hit her G-Spot but I simply could not reach it. I would make a women orgasm sometimes using my fingers and tongue.  Making her orgasm with just my penis?  And experiencing the thrill of doing so? Never.  I just didn’t feel like a man.

My slightly below average penis (average 6.5 inches) just could not reach the spots that she wanted. No women specifically told me that the relationship ended because I couldn’t give them what they wanted in bed, but I knew this was the reason.

Why would anyone want crap sex?

They can go across the road and get it from a guy with a big muscular penis, a real man.

Increase your Penis Size the Right Way, and Make it PERMANENT!

I then came across (does not exist anymore, they have been taken over by

This penis enlargement program claimed all kinds of things. It claimed to have 30+ exercises and to be recommended by doctors. Most enlargement sites I had found out only had 5-6 exercises. I signed up and to say I was amazed would be an understatement.

Erection Fitness Gives You A Bigger Penis, Permanently

They did indeed have 30 exercises all categorized into different sections so you could target either the girth, length or head size of the penis. They also contained extra exercises on curvate correcting, foreskin restoration and ejaculation control.

Each exercise had full tutorial videos and step by step videos. I learnt how to do the exercises properly. They had penis enlargement chat rooms and forums. It was by FAR the best site that I had come across.

Within one and an half months I had gained an additional 1/2 inch in length, and my non-erect size was noticeably bigger. I was over the moon, but I wanted more.

I tried for a further weeks to gain more, my girth size had not increased much at all. It seemed my results had stopped. I decided to contact (now support.

I got a reply within 24 hours. I was given a new workout plan and was told to combine this with penis enhancement pills.

Ok not a problem. I knew some of the guys in the forum had been using herbal supplements to speed up and increase penis size gains.

Maximize your Girth and Pleasure with Supplementation

They recommended a pill called VigRX Plus. I checked the site out and it made the same promises as all the rest, I ordered some pills though, based on’s (now recommendation.

My Girlfriend Noticed And Asked What Was Going On?

Within a few days I noticed a sharp increase in my sexual desire and I was experiencing the hardest erections of my life. My girlfriend noticed the difference straight away and we started to have more sex.

She said I felt bigger inside her. Can you believe that?  ME? This got me excited, I found that I could last for longer and by using techniques which I learnt from I could delay my orgasm.

A couple of weeks went by and my erections were as hard as ever. I started to gain girth and length again. I also noticed a dramatic increase in the power and the amount of semen that I produced when I ejaculated.  I was amazed and my girlfriend wanted to fuck more than ever, she couldn’t believe the change in me.

I was more confident in everything that I did.

I certainly got a lot more attention from women that would just pass me by before. I don’t reckon they saw my bigger penis (it was hidden in my pants, I don’t walk around naked on the streets you know) but it MUST have been my new found confidence and belief in myself.

Sex with my girlfriend was now fantastic.

Instead of occasionally giving her an orgasm, I gave her one every time and sometimes even multiple orgasms.

The exercise plus pills did it’s job! Just like body builders + supplements!  It works!

After just over a year after joining and ordering VigRX Plus, I added 1,6 inches to my penis size!

I Now Keep My Wife Very Happy

A Testimonial From Daryl

See What A Friend Of Mine, Daryl Said About Way Back In The Day

(Listen Carefully, He Is An Ausie And He Talks Fast)

What Happended To

I am talking about way back in 2005 when this all happened to me.  The site shut down a couple of years later.  Never found out why.

I see someone registered the domain again now but nothing is happening there.

LUCKILY the people from VigRX Plus recognized the need for something similar and the parent company, Leading Edge Health, got going.

So the next time I ordered VigRX Plus pills, I got free access to the site!  What a nice surprise!

Man, and in some ways it was even BETTER than

What was great was the complete 120 day program that they provide.  So you have a clear plan as to what to do every day for the next 120 days.

No guessing.

No searching for what to do next.

Just follow the program!

Best of all you can get access to the Erection Fitness Program directlyAs a stand alone product.  You do not have to order VigRX Plus Pills.

In fact!  I see you now get a free box of VigRX Plus when you join .  How great is that!

Listen, penis exercises work if you want permanent penis enlargement in both width and girth. Period.

Add a scientifically formulated penis pill that works, and you have a power combo, like bodybuilders do.  If you stick with the plan and supplements, you will see results!

And you will be amazed by how much your self confidence increases once you feel like a real man and not a child anymore.

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Increase Size, Last Longer, and Love Better with a Complete Male Enhancement System Works! Period.

There are so many penis claims out there today it is almost getting ridiculous. Larger this, longer that. More this, more that. You almost can’t click on a website without reading one claim or another about how to increase your size, your sex, or your stamina.

How do you know who to believe anymore?

There is information overload and at the end of the day all you really want to know is how you can have better sex, make your lover feel great, and to know you are being all the man that you can be.

Erection Fitness To The Rescue!

Well the folks who have designed the have laid it all out for you in a simple to use and follow penis enhancement program that will

  • increase your penis length
  • increase your penis girth
  • enlarge the head of your penis
  • help with erectile dysfunction
  • make you last longer
  • increase your stamina, and make you have the best sex you have ever had in your whole life.

What more could you possibly want than that? has dozens of penis enlargement methods that have been studied and tested to ensure they work. There are pictures and video of male models performing all the exercises in detail so you are ensured of doing them right.

Just Like With Body Builders, Best Results Are Obtained When Combining Exercises And Supplements

All the best penis enlargement exercises known are included.  The exercises have been grouped together to maximize the benefits.  The techniques are also included to help correct penile curvature and the instructions also include how to maximize your sex appeal.

These exercises have been performed safely and effectively for centuries. They have been divided into beginner and advanced options.  I especially like the Beginners Bootcamp section to ensure that you are not doing anything that might be unsafe or detrimental.

If you follow the routines, you are ensured success with no pain or side effects.

Did I mention you get a FREE packet of the best VigRX Plus pills included?

When you follow this regime, not only will you have a larger penis, that is thicker and stronger, but you will also increase your confidence.

Increased confidence means that you will be a more confident lover and that will make both you and your partner more happy and fulfilled.

Get A Supply Of VigRX Plus Pills Free!

A longer penis means that you will increase your woman’s pleasure and everyone knows – if she is happy, you are happy!

But the program gives you more than just a set of exercises to make your penis longer, it also offers bonus advice on how to please your partner and also shares new methods for using your newly sized penis more effectively.

You are guaranteed to become a better lover and that will make both of you happy beyond belief. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and take the next step toward a more fulfilling love life and order your copy of the today.

What I Love About

I love that you get a month’s supply of my favorite enhancement pills, VigRX Plus.  What’s not to love about that?

The 120 day well laid out plan is EXACTLY what you need.  No falling and messing about, not knowing what to do next.  A clear, well laid out plan, all you have to do is FOLLOW and get the penis you desire.

And don’t forget the Beginners Bootcamp if you are new!  Learn all the basics before you hurt yourself.

The support of is FANTASTIC.  They are real people and they respond.  They are a trusted company in business since 2001.  And you know in my eyes, in this industry, longevity is key.  I don’t just trust anyone and especially not someone who just launched their “penis pill” last week.

What I don’t Like About

O yes, and did I mention you get a free supply of VigRX Plus pills with your membership???  It is going to blow your sox off!!!  I suggest you check out their site and get the latest pricing info from there

You tell me what there is not to like?!

Will Erection Fitness Give You A Bigger Penis?

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