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Welcome To My Website.  I Want To Help Guys Who Are Suffering From Lack Of Self Confidence In Bed, In Love And In Life In General.

Not Really Me
I know where your’e at!  I was very much “average” or maybe just below, but through a combination of penis exercises and penis enhancement pills I have successfully managed to add 3 inches to my penis size. My current penis size is over 8 inches.

I know for a lot of guys who “claim” or “think” that they have a small penis or have been teased about it or commented on, the psychological results of living with that lack of self confidence and “shame” can be long lasting and debilitating.   It affects many areas of your life including creating and maintaining romantic and sexual relationships.

Having a partner to love and to have sex with is one of the BASIC HUMAN NEEDS that we all are bound to through human nature.  And I firmly believe we all should experience the full human condition in order to live fulfilled lives.

You should not lose out on the blessing of having a partner who loves you and having the confidence that comes with the ability to satisfy her fully. Man, that’s a big rush, being able to make your lover moan with pleasure and reflecting in the afterglow of her admiration and satisfaction.  And I know how much of a self confidence boost you can get from knowing you can pleasure your lover and swing dicks with the big boys!  It can truly be life changing…

Unfortunately some of us have not been blessed with what could be considered an “above average penis”.  In fact some men can be as short as 3 – 4 inches when erect.  When exposed to other men in locker rooms, public toilets and pornography one can very quickly develop a low self esteem if you are “average” or below.

When I developed somewhat of an obsession with getting bigger I did a LOT and I mean a LOT of research.  This was way back in 2005 already.  I quickly learned that Penis Enlargement is frowned upon by the medical community and society in general and you are viewed somewhat of a “pervert” and “sex fiend” for wanting to have a bigger penis.  Yet at the same time, it is socially quite acceptable for women to have breast enlargement done???.   And we men and women do these “enlargements” for the most part for the exact same reason nl : To Feel Better About Ourselves And To Increase Our Self Confidence.

For this reason you will till this very day still find quacks on websites like still claiming that “penis enlargement is not possible” yet millions of men, including myself have successfully increased our penis sizes through penis exercises + supplementation and using medical devices such as penis extenders.  The penis enlargement forums are full of us men who “supposedly” cannot increase our penis sizes.  (sic)

I Am Here To Tell You Permanent Penis Enlargement Is Possible

I am not a spring chicken anymore, but having achieved the desired penis size many years ago, I recently started showing signs of mild ED (erectile dysfunction) and it was time that I order a batch of VigRX pills again.   And boy am I glad I did!  My erections are full, my libido is back and my wife is extremely happy.

So even if you are not out to increase your permanent penis size or do not have a lack of self confidence, I can recommend penis enhancement pills whole heartedly as an alternative to Viagra.  They work to give you fuller, harder and stronger erections for longer, no doubt about it!  (without prescription or side effects).

But Be Warned

You Do Not Want To Be Scammed Or Worse Dable With Your Health Do You?

Since I discovered the products reviewed on , hundreds if not THOUSANDS of pills and potions have seen the light.  And I am “old school” in a way as I trust what works and that has stood the test of time.  You will find that most of the products reviewed on here can trace their longevity back to as far as the year 2000.  They have refined their products, have had millions of men use them and they have STOOD THE TEST OF TIME. That is why they are on the site.

Did I use all of them personally?  No off course not.  I asked guys who I knew from the forums to give me their stories and reviews and I have been updating the info on them since 2007.  I do not even review products that are scams or do not work or that I or someone I trust has not tried.

I have since been able to deal with every product company featured on and I can tell you one thing, they are all REPUTABLE and RELIABLE and they honor their 100% guarantees and they stand behind the quality of their products.

Bottom line, go with a reputable, safe and effective product with a good track record that honor their money back guarantees. Don’t gamble with your health or hard earned cash!

Well that’s all about me for now.

You will understand that I use Adam as a pseudo-name as I am a married family man today with kids etc that play around on the Internet. I am not the single young horseman back from 2005 that couldn’t give a shit!

But I still want to help guys like you find fulfillment and satisfaction in their lives in a safe and responsible way.  Hence my website

If you want to learn more, read about my penis enlargement journey here.

Here is wishing you a BIGGER, HARDER and STRONGER life!